Ridgewood Preps

9am Saturday

Ridgewood Preps are our "tween" bowlers that have learned the basics and need to work on developing their strength and skill level.  Coaches are available every Saturday morning to answer questions and to help our bowlers figure out how to adjust their bowling and find a style that works for them.



Ridgewood Bantams

9am Saturday

Ridgewood Bantams are our youngest league bowlers.  There are no set ages, parents may bring their kids in as soon as they feel they are mature enough to begin bowling and kids move on once they've learned the basics and developed the skills they need to advance. 
We have several coaches available on the lanes to teach and guide our bowlers and help make their learning experience fun and positive!

Ridgewood Lanes Youth Leagues are a great way to get your youngster involved in a fun activity, learn sportsmanship,

and make new friends. 

Bowling is an activity that is healthy, fun and can span a lifetime!

Contact us today to find out more!

 Ridgewood Juniors

4pm Sunday

Ridgewood Juniors are the teen league.  Bowlers may remain in the Junior Bowling Program through the age of 19 .

Our Junior Bowlers have developed their skills and their own personal style and bowl for the competition, to raise their scores and, of course, to have a little fun! 

It's a great place to get ready to move into adult leagues!